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My Dream Indy 4 Outline

H’okay. So after I saw KotCS I was so angry I wrote an outline for a satisfying Indy 4. It would never work as a movie at this point because it takes place in 1945-1946 but would make a great novel or animated film.  Here’s a summary of my 9 page outline.

Indiana Jones and the Shards of Destiny

Indy is part of a crack team of American/Russian paratroopers that land in Berlin on the eve of Hitler’s death. After a chase on halftracks through the city they are able to break into the Fuhrerbunker and find almost everyone dead. We find out that one of Hitler’s aids became a turn cloak and was siphoning information to the Allies, she is one of the remaining people alive awaiting their rescue. In secret, she explains to Indy the role the Spear of Longinus (spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ) in Hitler’s war. Hitler died because it was stolen from him by a rogue U-boat commander who was currently on his way to Antarctica. A double cross occurs on the part of the American paratroopers so that they can capture the turn cloak. This plot was hidden from Indy and he is forced to go along with it. He ends up smuggling the turn cloak on a plane headed for the West but is captured by the Russians before he can escape himself.

He is tortured and left in a prison for a few months but never reveals information from the turn cloak. He is eventually released after a sympathetic Russian commander (and fan of Indy’s previous exploits) convinces his superiors. Indy returns to the US and learning during his debriefing that Operation Highjump, an exploratory expedition to Antarctica has an ulterior motive. The true mission is to attack the secret Nazi base. Indy also learns that the Nazi turn cloak has been making a name for herself and has become an integral part of the expedition due to her intimate knowledge of the base and the sub commander (they were romantically engaged before he ran away).

In Antarctica, a large firefight ensues between the US navy and the German navy which eventually shifts to inside the base (think Spy Who Love Me). Indy eventually comes to blows with the sub commander to learn that he lost the spear the night before by accidentally dropping it in the water. Subs have been searching for it and were caught off guard when the Americans attacked. Indy also learns of the spear’s history and all the various leaders who have had it. The myth states that whoever has it is invincible but as soon as they lose it they face almost immediate death. He also learns that spear was broken into 3 pieces after Jesus’s death, every leader in history has only had one piece. Hitler stole his from the Hapsburg museum when his army conquered Austria. Through vicious prodding from the turn cloak, he reveals that the Vatican has the second piece and their allegiance with Hitler allowed him to essentially have two pieces. The turn cloak kills the sub commander because he left her to fend for herself (which caused her to become a turn cloak).

Most of the team stays to clean up the mess and look for the spear piece while the turn cloak recruits some of the commandos to follow her to Rome. At this point she has become Indy’s antagonist and kidnaps him to aid her quest. In Rome, the pope feigns ignorance about the spear which only angers the turn cloak causing her to blow a hole into St. Peter’s Basilica’s catacombs and look for it herself.  Indy does manage to escape the team during the explosion and digs through their records to find the suspected location of the third shard. The turn cloak notices Indy’s disappearance as they are attacked by the Swiss Guard and are eventually forced to retreat. She comes across Indy and discovers that the final piece in Agharshapat, Armenia. As the team travels to Armenia they learn that the Antarctic piece has been discovered and should start beginning to curb the tide once it returns to the US.

Armenia is currently under Russian rule and when the team tries to sneak in through one of the borders it alerts the Russians. They send a force to meet them, headed by the commander who released Indy.  Indy misleads the turn cloak’s team by suggesting two possible churches while he sneaks off to find the piece in a third location. He scouts the location and enters the tomb. The turn cloak, expecting him to betray the team, follows him and sets explosives up around the site as the Russians approach. Indy comes back up to the surface to see a stalemate between the turn cloak and Russians tanks.

Indy calls to the sympathetic Russian commander and the three of them enter the catacombs to discover Indy has gotten past all of the booby traps. Indy explains that the spear must go to the Russian commander to create a balance to the piece the Americans have. He explains that a Nazi-like regime awaits the country that controls 2 or more pieces. He also believes the Russian commander would be a respectful guardian of the other piece (due to his sympathy toward Indy), which in turn angers the turn cloak. She sets off her explosives just as the Russian commander reaches for the spear. Luckily, the Russian and Indy are saved by its powers and the turn cloak dies under the rubble. The Russian commander and Indy are dug out and the Russian commander keeps his promise to protect the spear piece and create a balance between the nations. Indy returns to the US and the Cold War swings into full force with two powers controlling shards of destiny.


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